My name is Alexandra Carey, and I am your photographer!

I started Carey Ahn Photography in 2016 because I love capturing the memories and emotions of a single moment in an image you can keep forever. I believe in documenting life's special moments with both simplicity and authenticity.

When you choose Carey Ahn Photography, I make a promise to dedicate my time and effort to making sure you can "Carey" your memories with you forever. ;)

Photo of Alexandra Carey

Why Carey Ahn?

Carey Ahn Photography is directly inspired from the photo below, featuring the sign that hung from the Carey Family Cottage garage on Fern Avenue in Harbor Springs, Michigan, from 1940 to 2015. Though this house is now gone, the Carey Ahn name lives on.

The Carey Ahn "phrase" officially originated when my great-grandparents, Mary Ahern and Charles Carey, were married in 1922. Years later, my sister, cousins and I came to know the Carey Ahn sign as one of the first things we would see when we arrived at our Grandpa Mike's summer home in Harbor Springs for a long-weekend in Northern Michigan paradise.

It is this sense of family tradition and simple beauty that I hope to embody through every photograph you receive from Carey Ahn Photography.

Cheers, Alexandra

Carey Ahn Sign